The various other feature of a BBS is messages. On almost any kind of BBS, you can leave a message, either to a specific customer of the BBS, or to everybody. You tell the BBS that the message is for, a brief summary of what the message is about, and after that type the message, or upload a formerly keyed in the message. When the individual you’ve left the message to gain access to the BBS, he or she will see a note on their screen informing them they have mail. Or, if you left the message for every person, anyone who gets in the message location of the BBS can check out the note you left.

Numerous BBS’s get involved in NETWORKS, which permit you to leave messages for people who do not call that certain BBS, yet call an additional BBS that is a member of the same network. Right here’s how they work: You leave a message to either a specific person that can access they call, or the message can be for everybody. The SYSOP of the BBS you call then gathers all the messages in that certain network and transfers them by modem to the network headquarters, which could be in a completely different state.


The BBS customers

Hopefully, this will give you a basic understanding of what BBS can do for you. The programs alone will be exciting enough for any individual that hasn’t been subjected to this before. The BBS I constant, Modem Friendly Radio Daze, has over 65,000 programs that can be downloaded and install! What about the advertising tricks I guaranteed earlier?

Either they could send out two top-notch out an example on disk, or they could download and install an example by calling Radio Daze BBS or CompuServe. I went right into either the little business location or the categorized ad area of each network networks are typically message locations, making targeting easy and published the previously typed advertisement as a message readable by all. For the message summary, I tried a number of various summaries, with the most successful being “Make even more $$$ currently!!!”

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